Marginated Tortoise

This is the largest of the 4-species of European tortoises. It is an elongated tortoise (not to be confused with the Asian Elongated tortoise ) that grows to about 10-inches for females and 12-inches for males. It has a more flattened shell than some of the tropical species and the rear marginal scutes flare out like an old German helmet. Hatchings and juveniles are beautifully marked tortoises that gradually turn black as old adults. This tortoise also goes dormant during the winter months but will show up wondering around the yard on a warm winter day.

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Other Names:

  • Testudo Marginata
  • Mediterranean Tortoise
  • Marginated Tortoise


  • Mediterranean

Life Span:

  • Up to 80 years or more
  • Learn how to help your tortoise live longer Care Sheets


  • Adults grow between 10 and 12 inches
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