Elongated Tortoise

The elongated tortoise is a medium sized tortoise that rarely grows more than 3 pounds. They have a brown or yellow shell and are longer than they are wide (hence the name elongated tortoise). They come from the forests of Southeast Asia and are similar in care to a red-foot tortoise but don’t grow quite as large. They are a personable tortoise and a nice animal for any tortoise collection.

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Other Names:

  • Indotestudo Elongata
  • Lemon Headed Tortoise
  • Yellow Headed Tortoise
  • Red-Nosed Tortoise


  • Indo-Pacific

Life Span:

  • Between 20 and 50 years
  • Learn how to help your tortoise live longer Care Sheets


  • Males: Above 12" and Females: Above 15"
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