Ivory Tortoise

The Ivory Tortoises are a dark eyed form of albino African Spurred Tortoise called a Tyrosine Positive albino. It was first produced by Richard Fife in 2000. They are identical in size and care as other African Spurred Tortoises and because they have dark pigment in their eyes they can safely be put outside in the sun without worry of damaging their eyes. This is a fantastically beautiful tortoise.

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Other Names:

  • Geochelone Sulcata or Sulcata Tortoise
  • African Spur Thigh Tortoise
  • Spurred Tortoise


  • Africa

Life Span:

  • Between 56 and 80 years
  • Learn how to help your tortoise live longer Care Sheets


  • 3rd largest species of tortoise in the world
  • Adults are usually 18" but can be 24"-32"
  • See our largest in the Photo Gallery
Hatchlings:$650Ivory Tortoise Hets:$75-$200
  Ready July 16th 

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