Bell's Hingeback Tortoise

The Bell’s Hinge-Back tortoise is a small African species that comes in a very wide range of patterns and colors. All imports were banned in 2001 due to the “Heart Water” tick that can be found on wild tortoises.

This tortoise only grows to about 7-inches and has an elongated shell. The tortoises appear to have a crack across their backs, which is really a hinge that allows them to close the rear part of their shell. They are a neat little tortoise but not extremely active. Captive hatched tortoise do quite well in captivity.

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Other Names:

  • Kinixys Belliana
  • Bell's Hinge-Back Tortoise
  • Bells Hingeback


  • Africa

Life Span:

  • Between 20 and 50 years
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  • Adults can get a big as 8.5" and weigh a little over 4lbs

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